Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old Man and the Sea Essay

    Everyone makes choices that they may regret. If you shot someone because you were drunk, you would regret that because you did not know what you were doing. Our decisions will be ecstatic they made if we made the right choices. Some choices they really would not know what to do, so they will go to friends or family for advice. People also might ignore some decisions because if they do not know what to do, and they do not get good advice on it. They probably would not do it at all.
   The old man made a decision to go out to sea without anybody to help him. He is around 80, he could have died out there and no one would not be able to find him. They tried searching before but the skiff was just to small compared to the ocean. I mean eventually if he never came back, they would have guessed he died but that would be really sad. Over a fish he went out really far to catch a stupid fish, he was going to risk his life for.
    For a long time now eating had bored him and he never carried a lunch. He had a bottle of water in the bow of the skiff and that was all he needed for the day. (27) He did not bring any food with him, he does not even know hole long he is going to be out there. what if he did not catching anything he could have lost energy then died. That is also why he is always light headed because he does not eat a lot.
    Then he said aloud, “I wish i had the boy. To help me ”.(48)  Why did not the boy go with him? If something did happen the boy would start crying, because he would have thought it was his fault. He could have went out with him and he did not! Or one of Santiago’s friends could have gone so at least he was not alone.
     He was comfortable but suffering, although he did not admit the suffering at all. (64) Why would he just let himself suffer, he could find another way to hold the line without hurting himself. I do not get why he did not pull the fish in when the line was not that tight. So at least the fish would have been closer to the boat then it actually was. Unless it would not work that is why he did not do it.
     “Now let me get through the eating of this dolphin and get some rest and a little sleep”.(79) When did he catch a dolphin for one. For two how can he fit that on the skiff but not the fish he caught. I really do not get it dolphins are not that small. Plus I've never seen a fish bigger then a dolphin before.

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